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The Book

The Cowbatross and Other Very Real Creatures is a bestiary & coloring book that'll make you laugh while teaching you about Very Real Animals like the smoth, the narwhallaby, and more!

This illustrated field guide features a selection of almost certainly real* actual* mammals, insects, birds, reptiles, and other creatures from across the globe, each with potentially scientifically accurate*, probably true* facts about each creature and highly detailed line drawings of each animal in its entirely plausible natural habitat.

* All claims of accuracy, factuality, and reality are nearly wholly fallacious. These creatures are actually entirely made up, with scientific sounding facts that only faintly resemble things which are true. 


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Look for Cowbatross at these stores 

Troy, NY:


Market Block Books 290 River St, Troy, NY 12180


Aquilonia Comics 412 Fulton St, Troy, NY 12180


Collar City Mushrooms 333 Second Ave, Troy, NY 12180

Albany, NY:


The Book House 1475 Western Ave #62,Albany, NY 12203



Book Signing

Friday June 23 2023

6 - 8 PM
Chocolate is Self Care

159 Remsen St, Cohoes NY

  • Meet the author

    • Get your book signed​

    • Ask for a doodle of your fave critter, real or imaginary

  • Color free printouts from the book

    • crayons and colored pencils will be available​

  • Win a sticker

Adult Coloring Night

Monday July 17 2023

6 - 7 PM

Troy Public Library

100 Second Street Troy, NY

Saratoga Book Festival Literary Marketplace

Saturday October 14 2023

10 AM - 2 PM

The Saratoga City Center

522 Broadway, Saratoga Springs NY



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